5 reasons why Club DJ’s will ruin your wedding

Massive Lights, Huge Speakers, Siren Noises and scantly clad women dancing on top of a turn tables… Sure, Club DJ’s know how to party, but despite popular belief using them for your wedding is kinda like cutting your cake with a Chainsaw… sure they might be cool, but there’ll be nothing left but a destroyed mash of fondant and guests high on diesel. So here we give you our top…

#5: They’re about as flexible as a steal pipe.

Club DJ’s spend their working lives carving out a niche for themselves. Every aspect of their performance is fine-tuned to work within a set parameter giving them absolute mastery over a particular style or genre. While being good at one thing is awesome, you’ll be met with awkward silences and strange scoff/ grunting noises if you request anything they’re not comfortable with.

Sure, you don’t want Cousin Bobby’s request for the 15 minute extended version of Led Zepplin’s Stairway to Heaven to get spun… But when your Maid of Honour wants the DJ to introduce her doing the worm to Brittany you want someone who’s going to be able to make it happen… and who’ll take a video for you to upload after.

You go to see a Club DJ perform cause you and everyone else in the club wants to hear a particular style of music. Hip-Hop Lovers aren’t lining up to buy Deadmau5 tickets and lovers of Low-Fi don’t tune their dials to Aviccii. While Club DJ’s specialize in their preferred style of music unfortunately for you, Aunt Mildred made the guest list and she’s is probably going to have a seizure if she has to listen to a 130BPM House beat for more than 3 tracks without a break.

You’re wedding is full of unique music tastes, styles and demographics, the ideal DJ will have a killer cross genre music knowledge with the ability to adapt his set to match your crowd on the fly – sans aunt mildred being in in a coma.

#4: They give you seizures

#3: They Steal the Show

Mouses Heads, Space Helmets and half a shaved head, Club DJ’s are built to perform. All eyes are on them with big shout-outs, downing a bottle of jack while smoking a reefer, or throwing themselves off an 18’ hight speaker stack into a group of screaming fans. And while us Private Event DJ’s are slightly jealous of the whole jumping into a crowd thing, your wedding is meant about about you. By jove, you’re paying for the gig and you’ll be damned if that dress is going to miss one second of the spotlight!

The standard of what’s acceptable in a Club vs. A formal affair is about as polar opposite as a Miley Cyrus is from a Nun. Name me one Club DJ who performs sober and I’ll give you a dollar, heck name me one Club DJ who showers before they perform and I’ll give you a fiver. Club DJ’s live large, they live loud and they live to party, so if the idea of a DJ throwing up and frying his own equipment cause he’s drunk on alcohol you’re paying for sounds like fun (true story… call me for the gritty details) then this is a perfect match for your wedding.

Your wedding represents you. And while good times will be had, you want a Performer who acts, dresses, and smells like a professional. Your DJ should have a no drinking policy, strict Dress code and even guidelines for conduct (i.e. no hitting on your bridesmaids, or leaving business cards on centrepieces).

#2: They smell like old skin


But the Number one reason why a Club DJ will ruin your wedding is cause while they are the right equipment… they are the wrong tool.
Like any other profession… DJ’s specialize in particular fields and perfect their skills to be the best in that field. Just like you wouldn’t pick a brain surgeon to open up your heart or a classically trained violinist to play Metallica covers on an electric guitar, Club DJ’s are built, trained and conditioned to Sell alcohol and pack a dance floor of under 30’s who want to get jiggy with it.

Your wedding is unique in its demographic, style and tone with different challenges and dynamics that will be thrown a DJ’s way. How often does a Club Dj have the Father of the Bride breakdown in tears during a first dance? or get a request for “Don’t Stop Believing” while he’s spinning Jay-Z? A Good Private function DJ has built a career from filling dance floors with a HUGE range of demographics and styles. His skill lies with adapting every aspect of this performance, from appearance to song selection, and while Club DJ’s are great…this is one thing they suck at.

You’re going to throw and EPIC party, you’ve worked hard for the cash your dropping and come 10pm, you and your girls are getting out on that dance floor and you’re staying’ there till the sun comes up. In the end of the day… go with your gut, pick the DJ that just feels right, pick someone who you actually want to be at your day, who’d might actually hang out with, cause by Jove… you’re going to party, and you’re going to party hard!

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