Sure… We could tell you about our huge library of High Def Songs, or the fact that you get to pick the tracks we play and every aspect of our services is expertly matched your music taste, style & preference… but everyone tells you that and truthfully…. thats kinda like a used car salesman selling you a car with wheels.

What sets TIGER8 from the rest is our personality. We believe that our clients deserve a DJ who they actually want to be around, someone who is more than a dude hitting play on an itunes playlist & pressing the siren button every now and then. Our smal, boutique crew of 4 DJ’s have been hand-picked based on two things: How cool they are and their obsessive love of music.

We’ve trained everyone of them to be bent on creating a custom entertainment experience that matches the style, design & atmosphere of your event resulting in over 250 events without a single empty dancefloor! (…Well… except for the one with the late-night seafood Buffet… but what can you do with that… really?!)

Rather than huge turntables and over-the-top lights, our DJ’s have fallen in Love with what matters… feet tapping, boot stomping MUSIC. From Top 40 to Funk, Soul to Country, your Music Guru plays the tracks you want to hear in Hi Def, bringing you nothing but the best in musical nirvana.


Their Genuine Love for weddings and ability to deliver what we were looking for made working with Retro TIger SO MUCH FUN!
– Jason & Katie

Off the Chain

Just wanted to say… you guys were OFF THE CHAIN at our wedding! We had an AMAZING time!!!
– Nathan & Linsay


EVERYONE of our guests had SUCH an amazing time! EVEN MY 85 YEAR OLD GRANDMA Got out for a dance!!
– Katie & Logan

Tiger 8’s $1399 Music Guru Package Includes:
  1x DJ/MC with ZERO-TIME LIMIT (one setup)
  1x QSC K12 System
  2x Microphones (1 wireless, 1 wired)
  LED Wash
  Reclaimed Wood Table Top DJ Set-Up
  3 tier back-up system
  Unprecedented support from start to finish!

Tiger 8 is in the business of party rockin and lets face it, nothing kills a party like ridiculous time limits! All our entertainment packages come with NO TIME LIMIT meaning if you party till 3am we’ll be there to make sure its rockin*!!!! AND blend that with the best looking, sounding and feeling sound system on the market, TIGER 8 brings you crystal clear, booty shaking music all night long!