This is how it starts. We at Tiger 8 sit around, usually over some pizza, and start mouthing off about our “dream” gig. It’s included everything from Unicorns through to DJing with piece of Steak for turntables, but one constant question that comes up is how the heck do you make DJ lighting awesome? Cause LED is cool, but surely there’s gotta be something else.

After hours of deliberation we started on a plan to integrate vintage bulbs and lighting into our set. And so, six months after its conception our AMAZING sister company, The Empire City Trading Co, made our dreams a reality. These custom made, hand crafted lighting systems work seamlessly with our DJ set-up and even hook into our mixer making for some of the most unique and stunning dancefloors in the GTA.
Check em out… we know you’ll like em.

Oh So Boho Package

Perfect for tents, barns, wineries, or for a little taste of country living in the big city, the “Oh So Boho” package is a one-of-a-kind dance floor lighting system that ups the warm party-vibes at any wedding. 2 handmade bars of incandescent lights move to the music while the full sized Vintage Wood DJ booth says “the dress is Vera Wang but the party is Free People.”


Includes: Intelligent “Festival” lighting system
2x Semi Intelligent Washlights
FULL SIZED Reclaimed Wood DJ booth

Ultra Mod Package

If you want that night club flair without the blinding lasers and suffocating fog, look no further than the “Ultra Mod” lighting package. This fresh take on conventional dance floor lighting will give your dance floor all the extra energy you want without sending your Aunt June running for the hills. Along with our powerful, full-spectrum LED lighting system, Galactic White full-sized DJ booth to complete the perfect set up for your perfect party.


Includes: LED Bar Lights
2x Semi Intelligent Washlights
FULL SIZED Modern DJ Booth

Standard Lighting Package

When it comes time to bust out your best MJ kicks or teach your good friend how to Dougie, we want to make sure the vibes are just right. Our standard DJ package ALWAYS includes a 1-of-a-kind tabletop DJ booth to keep the set up nice and clean and a pair of LED wash lights to add a little movement and sparkle to the dance floor.

Included with any DJ package

Includes: 2x Semi Intelligent Washlights
Choice of standard Reclaimed Wood or Modern DJ booth